Is this the most secure smartphone in the world?

Lynsey Barber
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Blackphone is a secure smartphone (Source: Blackphone)

The answer that question is: probably.

The Blackphone has been designed first and foremost to protect the owner's privacy as data security becomes increasingly important to consumers amid NSA spying revelations and data hacking concerns.

Priced at $629, the smartphone runs ProvatOS, an Android-based operating system and has features which optimises the phone's security.

These include a remote wipe to delete data at any time, secure file storage and transfer, browsing, voice, video and text, using encryption technology. It’s also bundled with privacy-enabled apps and security subscriptions.

These security and encryption tools are designed to prevent users from leaving a trail of information behind as they navigate the digital world.

The company behind the phone, SGP Technologies, is actually two firms recently joined together, one specialising in hardware design, the other an encryption communication service.

In a blog post about the company, CEO Toby Weir-Jones explains: “Our industry is pretty good at selling security tools to enterprise and government, and we have good relationships with the private citizens who already “get it.” But more people can benefit from what we offer.”

For anyone worried about their digital data and who has access to it, here's the answer.