Letters to the Editor - 02/07 - Flexible working, EU reform failures, Best of Twitter

Flexible working

[Re: Firms fear a backlash over flexible work, Monday]

City A.M.’s reporting on the new flexible working regulations omits the crucial point that staff can request flexibility in work location, not just hours. This reflects a common misconception among employers that flexible working is synonymous with flexi-time. In fact, multi-location working (usually involving a combination of home, local business centres and co-working hubs) frees staff from commuting day in, day out, and delivers the greatest benefits in cost savings and workforce productivity.

John Spencer, UK chief executive, Regus


EU reform failures

[Re: Cameron’s Juncker defeat may be good for EU reform, Monday]

The member states comprising the European Council are bound by the goals of the EU – in the words of the Commission “the progressive integration of the economic and political systems.” As an essential part of EU membership, member states sign up to support this and do nothing to jeopardise this. It’s about time that the straw-clutchers realise that meaningful EU reform is out of the question, and that membership poses a growing threat to Britain’s financial services industry.

Name withheld



So Martin Schulz re-appointed head of the Parliament, Juncker to the Commission. Reform? Same old EU.

France’s public debt up €45.5bn to 93.6 per cent of GDP.

15 per cent swing in Lib Dem-Labour marginals (plus swing in Lid Dem-Conservative battlegrounds) means half their MPs could be at risk next May.

Only four main asset classes are down year-to-date: Japan stocks, China stocks, copper and wheat.