Google Glass hit with ban from UK cinemas

Lynsey Barber
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Google Glass incurs ban from cinemas (Source: Google)

Piracy concerns have caused cinemas to ban the use of Google Glass in film screenings just eight days after the device was made available to tech fans in the UK.

The body representing UK cinema operators told the Independent that customers wearing Google Glass will be asked to remove it when entering cinemas.

The chief executive of the Cinema Exhibitors' Association Phil Clapp, said: "Customers will be requested not to wear these into cinema auditoriums, whether the film is playing or not." The organisation represents 90 per cent of UK cinemas.

The national cinema chain Vue also said it would ask customers to remove the glasses when films were about to start.

Other organisations such as theatres, cinemas and restaurants are also likely to consider policies on the use of Google Glass as user numbers grow due to concerns over privacy and legality.

The Department for Transport is currently in discussions with the internet giant over the legality of drivers wearing Glass.

The Information Commissioner's Office has released advice on complying with laws on data protection. Personal use of the wearable tech is unlikely to fall foul of the law, although use by organisations or for business purposes would require compliance with rules on collecting and holding personal information.

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