Institute of Directors’ summer party an alternative to Cool Britannia

David Willetts put the boot in on Labour rival Ed Balls
It was a remarkably wintery night at for the Institute of Directors’ summer party on the Parliament Terrace Pavilion yesterday evening but it certainly did not stop play.

Attendees may not have been at David Cameron’s Cool Britannia party, but the aforementioned event didn’t go without a nod.

David Cameron is busy hosting a party for actors,” said IoD general director Simon Walker. “After his last week in Europe, he’s used to people switching between characters when the script changes.” Cue guffaws from the crowd.

Despite the Cameron’s concurrent musical gathering, conversations drifted towards Glastonbury, with Boris Johnson’s former transport aide turned Serco director Kulveer Ranger reminiscing: “I went to see my DJ friend play and got straight out of there.”

David Willetts, AKA Two Brains, took the opportunity to put the boot in on Labour rival Ed Balls. “I hear Balls was supposed to be here tonight but pulled out,” he told The Capitalist. “Not great when Labour is supposed to be focusing on business this week.” Ouch.

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