British Airways "happiness blanket" tests in-flight experience

Lynsey Barber
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British Airways' "happiness blanket" reflects passengers moods (Source: BA)

British Airways has been testing out a “happiness blanket” on customers to see how they feel about the in-flight service it offers.

Passengers involved in the experiment conducted on flights from London to New York, had their brainwaves monitored and displayed through a blanket made of fibreoptics.

Turning blue when customers are content and red when they are unhappy, the blanket picks up on people’s brain patterns from a headset via bluetooth.

The blanket detected fluctuations after boarding, and found happiness increased with food and entertainment, reaching its highest when asleep.

BA can use the blanket to make changes to the cabin’s environment based on people’s responses. No word, however, on how they can improve happiness if you happen to be stuck on an eight-hour flight next to someone who snores.

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