Support pours in for JP high-flyer James Haymore

Gabriella Griffith
James Haymore took his children to a memorial for their great-grandfather (Source: Getty Images)
Twitter was awash with supportive messages for JP Morgan account manager James Haymore yesterday, following the revelation he will go to court to defend his right to take his children out of school in term time.
“Haymore definitely has a case,” tweeted one supporter. Another tweeted: “Very good luck indeed to James Haymore who is being prosecuted for taking his kids out of school for a memorial service. APPALLING! #gojames.”
Haymore was summoned to court after he refused to pay a £120 fine for taking his children to the US at the start of spring term, so they could attend a memorial for their great-grandfather. He insists the prosecution is a breach of his human rights and is being advised by MP John Hemming, who described them as “very hopeful of winning.”
Michael Gove removed the policy allowing schools to grant up to ten days holiday to families in special circumstances in September.
No doubt Haymore will get a few pats on the back in the City this morning.

Minicab comparison app Kabbee has waded into London’s traditional-versus-technology transport brouhaha, guns blazing – taking a pot shot at the trusty night bus. The app has revealed London’s top 10 worst night bus routes, accompanied by a number of nighttime bus kerfuffle videos (depicting a salient mix of vomit and aggro). In case you’re wondering, the N262 from Stratford to Beckford is the worst offender apparently, closely followed by the N30 from Marble Arch to Hackney Wick, with drunken people coming in as the most offensive element of a night bus. Will the night buses sling some mud back?

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