Boris Johnson's Barclays bikes could be getting an animal print paint job

Gabriella Griffith
Boris Johnson tries out leopard print
When Barclays hands over the reins of its Boris Bike sponsorship next year it could well be passing them to an east London toy maker. TellTails is hoping to raise £37.5m on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to give each bike an animal print paint job and tail. We think they’re rather fetching…
From the Indiegogo campaign:

We believe the current Boris Bikes are not only bland and boring, but that they bear the name of a large banking firm that most Londoner's would rather throw eggs at then ride with pride.

We are here to change that.

We believe in a London bike sponsored by the people, for the people. A bike that represents the natural irreverence, exuberance and rebellious nature of the British people.

A wild, wonderous bicycle that one might mount to feel like a Saxon king rather then a banal banker.

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