Teenagers' use of Facebook not on the decline - report

Billy Ehrenberg
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Are teenagers still using Facebook? (Source: Getty)

Maybe Facebook isn't too cool for school after all.

While much research in the past year has pointed to Facebook experiencing a drop in the numbers of teenagers using it, a new report by Forrester Research seems to point to a revival.

The company asked a sample of 4,517 teenagers how they used social media, and the answers showed Facebook to be the frontrunner.

Rather than a decline, the report, which was not commissioned by Facebook, revealed that almost half of respondents claimed to use Facebook more than they did a year ago. What is more, 28 per cent of youngsters claimed to use the service all the time; a proportion that is far higher than for any rival.

The Wall Street Journal quotes the researchers as predicting Facebook's value will continue to rise as smartphone usage increases.

This good news for Facebook will be tempered by the fact that the new findings are at odds with other recent research, most notably a Pew Research report from May 2013.

Pew found that many teenagers were annoyed by the inane details shared by others and disliked the number of adults using the site.

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