Google Glass touches down in the UK for £1,000

Oliver Smith
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GOOGLE launched its smart Glass eyewear in the UK last night, making it the second country to get the device after it launched in the US last year.

Glass, which Google says is still an early prototype, is on sale for £1,000 and features a heads-up display with access to email, search and maps through voice commands. “Our goal for Glass is... to make it easier to bring people the technology they rely on without drawing them out of the moment,”said Glass chief Ivy Ross.

Concerns have been raised that wearing Glass for directions while driving could distract drivers, and it remains illegal to view a screen while driving.

The Department for Transport yesterday said it is in discussions with Google to explore how Glass could be used legally: “There are no plans to change [the existing laws] and we have met with Google to discuss the implications of the current law for Google glass. Google is anxious its products do not pose a road safety risk and are currently considering options to allow the technology to be used in accordance with the law.”

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