Fired American Apparel chief Dov Charney seeks shake-up

Kasmira Jefford
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American Apparel’s founder Dov Charney said yesterday that he wants to hold talks with the company and its shareholders about shaking up the board after he was ousted as chairman last week.

In a US regulatory filing, the 45-year-old who owns a 27 per cent stake said “certain persons” including other shareholders had approached him and expressed their support for his continued leadership.

The statement said Charney had begun talks with supporters about “potential changes to the composition of the board and management” and that he intends to engage in talks with the company.

The Los Angeles-based fashion chain, however, yesterday refused his request to meet.

American Apparel suspended Charney as chairman and chief executive last week after years of allegations of sexual misconduct against him, which he has always denied.

The board cited his alleged misuse of company funds and role in disseminating nude photos of an ex-employee who had sued him.

Charney’s lawyer is understood to have already sent a letter to the group threatening legal action if he is not reinstated.

“Its exactly what we had expect to get from Dov’s lawyer in a situation like this,” said Allan Mayer, who has been appointed co-chairman of the firm.

“We continue to believe we did the right thing for the right reasons in the right way. We are very confident that we are on very strong legal ground,” he added.

Charney’s lawyer Patricia Glaser could not be reached.

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