Yo app reaches 1m users

Billy Ehrenberg
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Using Yo you can send a message saying "yo" to anyone else with the app - but nothing more.

Yo, the instant messaging app which takes communication to a reductionist extreme, has passed the 1m user milestone.

Using Yo, you can send a message saying "yo" to anyone else who also has the mobile app - but nothing more.

Despite being hacked last week, users have continued to flock to the app. Yo sent a tweet yesterday on reaching the hallowed 1m mark:

What's more, the team behind Yo have decided to open up their API, allowing websites to embed a Yo button.

So popular has the app been in the last week that it overtook Facebook in terms of App Store downloads. Growth seems to be slowing however and it remains to be seen if this most minimalist of apps can have more than a minimal shelf life.

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