Twitter turned down $500m offer from Facebook

Lynsey Barber
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Biz Stone told Sky News he turned down $500m from Facebook (Source: Getty)

One of Twitter’s founders has revealed how the fledgling company turned down an offer from Facebook to buy the company for $500m.

Speaking to Sky News, Biz Stone said that a meeting between himself, co-founder Ev Williams, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, resulted in an offer being made for the then startup.

Stone said the pair came up with an offer so high and that “no-one would ever say yes to” because they didn’t want to sell, however Zuckerberg later came back with the offer.

The founders turned down the money and Twitter is now worth $23bn. Stone also told Sky’s Ian King that he and the Facebook founder would not have worked well together.

"I like him, and I respect him, it's just that we didn't click. I'm a jokey guy and he's a very serious guy so every joke I made - it was a tough crowd,” said Stone.

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