Rising stars: 12 growing cities where overseas property investment will pay off

Billy Ehrenberg
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Investing in foreign property can be a real money-making venture.

Investing in foreign property can be a lucrative money-making venture, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find sound investment. Many of the world's most popular cities are reaching full value, meaning that there is little difference between a prime, expensive property and a secondary, less expensive alternative.

So where are the best new cities to invest in? Research by Savills estate agents has identified 12 cities where the ration of prime to secondary is high and opportunities for profit are wider.

The report also takes into account secondary factors such as a prevalence of English, openness to visitors, a well-educated, youthful population and the presence of a growing tech industry - all signs that generally accompany economic prosperity. Not all factors are present in all cities, but were considered by the researchers.

Here are the twelve cities:

The amount you need to invest to get on the ladder in these cities varies. In Chennai, India, $40,000 is enough and the ratio is relatively high too at 4.00. At the other end of the scale is Tel Aviv, where $500,000 is needed to get started and the ratio is lower at 2.90.

Here are the cities again, this time by ratio:

As with any investment, there are more factors than money at play. Proximity to the UK or the language spoken, or even the desirability of the destination as a holiday destination will all come into the equation.

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