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Billy Ehrenberg
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Yo is a minimalist instant messaging app.

After the success of the popular child's toy, Yo, the worlds simplest instant messaging app, is hiring. Just like yo app itself, which allows users to send the word "YO" to each other and nothing more, the job application is pretty minimalist.

Unfortunately for users, it seems that Yo was also the subject of a hack by some US university students. The students claimed to be able to send yos to any user and even appeared to have sent a push notification criticising the app's security.

Yo staff were quick to respond, and posted this message on twitter:


If sending tweets that are more than mono-syllabic seems distinctly un-Yo, at least for the job advertising process the app is true to its roots. A personal website seems surplus to requirements, and they have posted instead on minimalist blogging platform Medium, where they placed this.

Yo app

For anyone wanting to apply for a job at Yo, the application can be found here. Android engineer? Yo.

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