Letters to the Editor - 20/06 - The estuary option, Flatter the better, Best of Twitter

The estuary option

This week, Sir Howard Davies, chairman of the Airports Commission, was questioned by the London Assembly. Some of his answers were worrying. He seemed to refuse to acknowledge the benefits a new four-runway hub airport would bring to Britain. When hubs are being built all over the world, with upwards of four runways, this is a concern. Equally concerning was Davies’s unwillingness to accept just how bad Heathrow expansion would be for millions of Londoners. In September, the Commission has the chance to confirm that an Isle of Grain Airport is a very real possibility. If it doesn’t, the Commission will reveal itself to be a waste of money.

Richard Tracey, GLA Conservative transport spokesman


Flatter the better

[Re: Britain’s economy needs lower and flatter taxes to flourish, yesterday]

People forget how much tax revenue is lost because of the complexity of collection. While there are obviously exemptions, as a small business owner, I’m familiar with the broadly flat-rate VAT system we operate. Much faster to implement for me, and no expensive collection for HMRC to worry about.

Name withheld

Unfortunately, the direction of travel for both of the main parties suggests we’re unlikely to see a flat tax soon. So much the worse for the economy.

Allan Littlehurst



2010 Lib Dem voters as likely to switch to Ukip as to Labour in key seats, according to my poll.

Maliki as much reflection of problem as cause; Iraq is sectarian society; naive to say ouster will change this.

UK retail sales volumes have now seen longest period of sustained growth since November 2007.

Lord Hannay and Ed Miliband will soon be the last two people in SW1 arguing against an EU referendum.