In pictures: Harley Davidson to release its first electric motorcycle

Billy Ehrenberg
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Project Livewire: the first electric motorcycle by Harley Davidson (Source: Harley Davidson)

It is an image born from American motoring folklore: a leather-clad and bearded rider heading off into the sunset on the back of a brutally loud motorbike.

Now Harley Davidson is shunning tradition and unleashing an electric motorbike, raising the prospect of Hell's Angels hellbent on saving the environment. The video shows a sleek, modern machine with a quieter, jet-aircraft sound rather than the traditional Harley growl.

Many loyal Harley riders may well be feeling some trepidation: after all how intimidating would the Terminator have looked bearing down on Sarah Connor from behind the wheel of a Prius? The first photos however show a bike that certainly looks the part. We'll just have to wait and see how it sounds.

The first steps for the new machine will include test rides along the famous US Route 66 to gauge customer feedback, and it isn't expected to be on sale anytime soon.

From this selection of images it looks like Harley Davidson is aiming more for electric superbike than a traditional chopper.

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