The great Facebook crash of 2014: The internet reacts

Nassos Stylianou
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Facebook was down for around half an hour this morning (Source: Getty)

It may have lasted for around half an hour, but the 'Great Facebook Outage of 2014' certainly got the internet panicking.

The social network site was down this morning, with users reporting that they were unable to access the Facebook website and mobile apps worldwide.

While the opportunity to go outside and talk to other people face to face instead was there for the taking, people seemed to prefer taking to Twitter and talking about... Facebook.

Here are some of the best online reactions to the global outage:

Long forgotten social media sites noticed a resurgence...

Even politicians seemed at a loss with what to do without Facebook. Here is Finland's new Prime Minister:

Meanwhile Mark Zuckenberg had his team of engineers working hard to get thing back to working order.

People did manage to stay calm while this was going on though.

While everyone was stressing, social media managers took it as a great opportunity to promote their brand:

It was all fine in the end and we all survived.

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