Letters to the Editor - 19/06 - Falling short, Best of Twitter

Falling short

[Re: We are jeopardising UK tech by failing to tackle UK skills shortages, yesterday]

David Richards raises an important point. On the one hand, we hear about the thousands of jobs and millions of pounds in revenue being created by the UK’s tech scene. But on the other, we are not giving future generations the skills they need to ensure the longevity of this fast-growing sector. Having realised that there is a shortage of hireable employees in the UK, plans to encourage the take-up of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects are being implemented in the national curriculum. But what of the shortfall now? Reinstating the two-year post-study work visas for postgraduates in STEM subjects is a good start. This will act as a bridge, filling the gap while we wait for the younger generation with the skills to drive forward the tech sector.

Julian Frost, head of technology, media and telecoms, BDO

[Re: As Lord Saatchi proposes ending corporation tax for small firms, is the levy justifiable? yesterday]

Corporation tax is not the first place I’d look for reforms. And giving the tax break just to small firms surely creates a “cliff edge”, a disincentive to grow.

Jeremy Meadon



43 per cent of Labour supporters want rid of Miliband. Supporters didn’t choose him, the unions did.

UK exemption from EU bank rules “illegal”, lawyers say. Another reason to leave the EU.

The global economy is now threatened by spectre of $120 barrels of oil.

Globally, 2010 through 2013: 58 per cent increase in the number of Salafi Jihadist terror groups. Rand data