Uruguay V England spread betting


ball is all about opinions and Sporting Index offers you a fantastic opportunity to challenge their views on individual player abilities with their player performance market.

They predict the points that each individual player will accrue based on a scoring system that awards 25 points for a goal, 10 points for an assist and an extra five points up for grabs for every shot on target. There are also three points available for forcing a corner or winning a free kick, not to mention two points for a successful completed pass in the opposition half.

However, three points are deducted for conceding a free-kick with a further 10 points lost for a yellow card and 25 points for a red. The totals are independently adjudicated by statisticians Opta.

Wayne Rooney’s under the microscope more than ever going into England’s game against Uruguay – some mooting he isn’t half the player he used to be, others that he is simply being selected out of position – and spread bettors can take a position on how he will perform.

Sporting Index predict that England’s number 10 will accrue between 53 and 58 points this evening. If you fancy him to have less of an impact you would sell at 53. Buying at 58 means you feel he’ll outperform that prediction.

As for other players of interest, the hugely exciting Raheem Sterling looks sure to attract plenty of buyers at 57, while Uruguay and Liverpool’s Luis Suarez may also see support at 53.