In Pictures: Kasabian have a go on the trading floor

Gabriella Griffith
Kasabian's Tom Meighan takes to the phones at Aviate Global
When Kasabian’s Tom Meighan rocked up at Aviate Global’s London HQ this afternoon for a light spot of trading, he was expecting something a bit different to the serenity and relative calm of the trading floor. “I was expecting Wolf of Wall Street,” he told Aviate founder Gary Paulin, much to Paulin’s amusement.
The Glastonbury headliners were in the building ahead of their Shepherd’s Bush gig in aid of War Child – as Aviate were donating their days’ profits to the same charity, the band went down for a mooch about.
“It’s a monster place this, these guys work their nuts off,” Meighan told The Capitalist. “It’s a lot different to the eighties though - a bit tame.” Well, Aviate would have to work pretty hard to seem anything else to an international rock star.

Bassist Chris Edwards and lead singer Tom Meighan meet the Aviate team (Source: Aviate Global)

But in case you think he might be seduced away from his guitar by the zen of the trading floor, he confirmed that's highly unlikely. "It's interesting but I can't look at a screen for that length of time - it'd make me feel sick."
Meanwhile the Aviate team were enjoying a day’s trading for a very different cause to the norm. “It’s a nice change - you do this job usually for quite selfish reasons so it’s nice to turn that on its head,” Paulin told The Capitalist.
DJ Edith Bowman also made an appearance at Aviate - keeping up the musical theme. With the recent news of her leaving the BBC, could we see the Scot taking on a new career?

Edith Bowman hits the phones (Source: Aviate Global)

Tom Meighan meets a War Child spokesperson (Source: Aviate Global)