World Cup 2014 fever spreads into space

Sarah Spickernell
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Astronauts at the ISS have been enjoying a game or two (Source: Reuters)

While you've been enjoying the football at the pub, at home or even out in Brazil, three astronauts have been struck with football fever up at the International Space Station, where they are taking regular breaks to watch the games via a live stream from Earth.

Reid Wiseman and Steve Swanson from the US and Alexander Gerst from Germany have been dipping in and out of the Fifa World Cup games since the tournament started, taking ten minute breaks at a time according to Nasa.

Last week, the trio released a video of themselves playing a game of gravity-less floating football while wishing the players, teams and fans good luck.

They seem to be getting on just fine at the moment, but we expect it'll get a little heated in the station next Thursday when their two countries battle it out on the pitch.

The odds are on Germany but both are hoping to make it out of group play and into the quarter-final.

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